My country is China, and the policy I chose is ” The Airborne Pollution Preventi

My country is China, and the policy I chose is ” The Airborne Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan ” You’ve already selected your Country and Policy, now… Policy and Background Paper: This is the first part of the “State Policy” research paper assignment. You will produce a 4-page paper that will (a) articulate the policy (that you chose) for your country (1 page), (b) describe the conditions in your country that led to the creation of that policy (1 page), and (c) the politics that led the creation of that policy, paying close attention to the type of government, historical constraints, resource limitations, and other relevant background of your country (2 pages). [Example: (a) Education policy for country-x is spending money on building new schools, hiring teachers, paying for desks, textbooks, and school buses, (b) The situation regarding education in country-x sucked! At the time, there weren’t enough schools so many students couldn’t even get an education. (c) The country was a dictatorship at the time, and the dictator only wanted to play Fortnite. But there was a revolution and the dictator was cast away to his shrinking island, and the new democratic government took money that was being spent on V-Bucks for skins and dances, was now reallocated instead to build new schools, hire teachers, pay for desks and textbooks, and also buy school buses to transport students to school and back home!] Format for Paper: Four double-spaced pages, 10-12pt Font, 1-inch margins. You must properly cite the research sources you used in your papers. Research papers absolutely require citations. Improperly cited sources, or the absence of any citations will automatically result in a zero (0) score. Must use primary sources: academic peer-reviewed sources, first-person sources (of politicians, scientists, etc.), news sources (newsmagazines, newspapers, academic journals, etc.) DO NOT use Wikipedia or secondary sources. Poor research sources will be penalized. (Penalty varies depending on how many low quality sources used, and how many high quality sources used.) IN-TEXT CITATIONS ARE REQUIRED. DO NOT JUST PROVIDE A LIST OF SOURCES AT THE END. You need to cite your sources wherever you use them anywhere inside those four pages of your paper. Citations must be proper and complete. If you do not know how to properly cite sources, please review your English 1A notes, or seek help at the Language Success Center (BEB-101). NO CITATIONS = 0-points for the assignment, JUST A LIST OF SOURCES AT THE END WITH NO CITATIONS IN ANY OF THE FIRST THREE SECTIONS = 0-points for the assignment. I apologize for the ALL CAPS, but I really want to emphasize that proper citations are absolutely required for any research paper, even if it’s only four pages long. Essays will be graded on factual accuracy, and on the argumentation of your own position. Always ensure your work is free of spelling errors and/or grammatical errors. There will be a grade deduction for spelling and/or grammatical errors (25% deduction/-10pts) to each paper with errors. Submit completed papers in Microsoft Word (DOCX), Open Document Text (ODT) Rich Text Format (RTF) formats ONLY (my Chaffey equipment does not have the ability to open other formats (for example, I cannot open .pages or .wps files.) If I cannot access/open your assignment, then I cannot grade it, and thus a zero (0) will be recorded.) Lastly, links are not accepted. If you use Google Docs, that’s fine, but you must save it as an actual file and then submit that file. For security reasons, Chaffey IT does not want us clicking on any external links. I encourage you to submit your work well in advance of the deadline in order to give yourself room/time for any unforeseen circumstances that may cause you to miss the deadline if you wait until the last minute. All papers will be plagiarism-checked through Turnitin. NO LATE PAPERS ACCEPTED.

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