You are hired as a “UX Designer” to conduct a Usability Review of an existing web site, desktop application, or
mobile app and present your findings and recommendations using the PowerPoint attached .
Select an existing website, desktop, or mobile application and complete the following as the result of your
Usability Review.
Describe the critical goal of the web site or application. In other words, what is the purpose or what is it
designed to accomplish?
Describe the top four usability issues you uncovered (sorted by severity). Complete the following information
for each issue and present it in column format:
Usability Issue – List the issue
Severity Rating (High, Medium, or Low) – Rate the severity of the issue into one of three categories:
High severity – Issues that prevent the user from completing tasks efficiently.
Medium severity – Issues that impede ease of use and understanding.
Low severity – Issues that do not prevent users from completing tasks, but inconvenience the user.
Rationale – Describe the usability issue. Discuss the severity you assigned to the issue. Why is this an issue?
Justify your severity rating.
Recommendation – Recommend a path of action to address the usability issue. How can the issue be fixed or
Note: This is not a complete or extensive usability review, but for purposes of this class, it will provide you an
introduction into the usability review process.
SLIDE 10 info: What issues or challenges did you face completing this project? How did you resolve them? If you did not face any issues or challenges in completing this project, what do you think are some issues or challenges someone new to completing usability studies might face in completing a project like this? Note: Your reflection must be a total of at least 100 words.

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