Project Management Plan

Submit a detailed narrative containing, at minimum, the following:
 Your company’s past performance and relevant experience in constructing projects of
similar size and complexity with specific discussion describing how such experience and
expertise will be utilized on this project.
 Your company’s plan to sequence and manage the work in order to ensure an on-time
completion of the project.
 A comprehensive discussion on the significant features of work (FOW). Refer to
USACE’s definition of FOW’s online.
 A detailed explanation of how the company will aggressively start the project; include
key early activities such as pre-work submittals, site organization and temporary
facilities. The Permit for the project had been pulled already by the Owner.
 The company’s plan to coordinate work with the other Contract.
 Discussion regarding the company’s scheduling capabilities and procedures to be used
for this project that include schedule updates, incorporating changes into the schedule,
other contractor coordination efforts and other steps to be taken to maintain the
completion date.
 Discussion regarding the potential high-risk features of work that may adversely impact
the completion date and the team’s plan to mitigate these risks.
 Discussion regarding the company’s established business practices and processes, in
addition to any innovations or cutting-edge technology that may contribute to a higher
degree of success in executing the work required on this project.
 A reasonable approach to the project and an understanding of its requirements.

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