Social Cognitive Theory

Project Topic: Obesity
Target Population: Children
Theory: Social Cognitive Theory
The description of the intervention strategies you highlighted is great but could use some tweaking.

This is Her comment on my intervention strategy
“Gaps: You missed the opportunity to tie your strategy to an appropriate theory

The description of a solid intervention strategy should at the very least:

Be clear – succinctly present a strategy you plan to deploy to address a specific public health issue in a specific target population and how you plan to deploy it.
Follow the theoretical framework you chose and discussed in your journal (week 4). It should reflect posits/constructs of the theory you’ve chosen. e.g if a construct in your theory posits that behavior change is determined by the extent to which people think they are at risk/susceptible for a health problem (as is with the health belief model), then your strategy should be one that will help people understand their risk/susceptibility
Be appropriate for your specific target population. That is your target population should not have difficulty accessing or relating with your intervention strategy. E.g if you are targeting elderly Caucasian women prone to skin cancer, you probably won’t be thinking of engaging with them through Snapchat or Instagram (for example)
Be able to address the predisposing, reinforcing, and enabling factors you prioritized in earlier milestones. E.g, you figured out that a person’s genetic makeup predisposes them to a certain health problem, you want your intervention strategy to address the predisposing factor of “genetics”
I encourage you to take a second look at the intervention strategies narrative you’ve outlined to ensure that at the very least, they do meet the three criteria above.”

Sample Solution

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