Women and gender studies

Part 3 Objectification, Gender & Power in Ads

Read the following short article before answering the questions.

The Link provided is the website article to help answer part 3

Case Study – Calvin Klein – USE THE CK AD FROM THE HOME PAGE — this is an actual print ad from a magazine — Review the ad and respond to the following questions: Study the image, does the woman appear to be enjoying this, Be sure to fully elaborate with all of the responses below

  1. 1. Brand & Product (what’s for sale) – what if the ad was not labeled or I did not tell you the brand – what would you then think was for sale – remember advertisers are selling a lifestyle – what type of lifestyle is Calvin Klein selling in this ad? How would you describe it? Elaborate with specific examples
  2. Target Audience – elaborate, use demographics and psychographics

a. A min. of four demographics to include gender

b. A min. of three psychographics

c. Generational category

  1. 3. Discuss the objectification in this ad – elaborate to provide specific examples from the images (min. 60 words) include word count
  2. 4. Gender stereotypes –

a. For the female – support with examples from images

b. For the males – support with examples from images

  1. 5. Discuss hyper-sexualization in this ad with examples – elaborate with specific examples
  2. 6. Discuss the Power & Gender in this ad. elaborate with specific examples

a. Who seems to have the power

b. Discuss why to support your conclusion in your response for a –

  1. 7. According to the article on Kilbourne, what are some effects of the ad you’ve just analyzed? Essay should be a min of 150 words, can be longer. Include a min. of two citations from the reading you can use the paragraph number rather than page #.

Also attached a picture since in part 3 it mentions to take a look at the photo

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