working for four years in a bank branch

You have been working for four years in a bank branch located in the front section of a large grocery store. For the last two years, the branch has been underperforming and a poor place to work–tellers show up late, cash drawers are often out of balance, and the customer service numbers for your branch are in the bottom quarter when compared to other branches of your bank. As a result of these problems, the branch manager was removed from your branch. Today, the regional manager offered you the job on an interim basis. The terms of your job include a three-month trial period, and if all goes well, you will be made the branch manager. You know that the problems in your branch stem in part from the lack of trust and respect for the prior branch manager. While you know the employees will be happy the old boss is gone, you are not sure how they will feel about your promotion to be their new manager. So where would you begin? How would you go about building a solid foundation of trust in your leadership? How would you address the poor ?nancial performance? Considering you were just recently a peer of your associates, and now their manager, would there be any critical things to do or not to do?

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