MGT 373: Final Project and Presentation

The objective of this project/assignment is to encourage you to do some introspection as you reflect on your personal style of negotiations and help you create a plan on how to develop your negotiations skills and strategies. As per the syllabus, this project is worth 20% of your final grade. To answer the questions of this assignment, you are expected to perform in-depth thinking and personal reflection on who you are as a person, and where would you like your negotiations skills to be in the future. You are also highly encouraged to be “your own person”, “an independent thinker” and to reflect on your personality, local context, backgrounds, and culture. Therefore, please “write your own case” and answer the questions in a manner that reflects your own logic, rationale, and approach to negotiations and life in general.

To complete this project/assignment, please reflect on the following questions:

  1. Please describe your personality through reflecting on its main charateristics. Then please explain two types of perceptual errors and two cognitive biases that you are likely to make while explaining these issues from within your personality charateristics. Please explain your answers in detail. (4 marks)
  1. Please explain whether you are more likely to be engaged in distributive bargaining or integrative bargaining based on the personality charateristics explained in Q1. If you are more likely to be a distributive bargainer, please discuss three hardball tactics that you are most likely to use and why? If you are more likely to be an integrative bargainer, please discuss a situation whereby you negotiated through inventing options by redefining the problem set. Please explain your answers in detail. (5 marks)
  1. Based on your knowledge of the culture in Saudi Arabia, you have been appointed as a negotiation advisor for a Chinese company who is interested in expanding its business to Saudi Arabia. Your first task entails the preparation of a list of advices about Saudi Arabians that the Chinese ngotiators should be aware of during negotiation. To complete this task, you are expected to:
    1. Explain how Saudi Arabians use nonverbal communication in negotiations (Please reflect on meanings of certain facial expressions, body language, head movements, tone of voice and attending behaviors). Please explain your answers in detail (3 marks)
    2. Explain the type(s) of power that are most important to Saudis and most likely to use and why? (3 marks)
    3. Explain the culture of Saudi Arabia using Hofstede’s typology and how would each factor impact negotiations with Saudi Arabians. (5 marks)

This is an individual assignment.  The body of your report must use 1½ line spacing with 12-point, Times New Roman font, must not exceed 10 pages.  Title Pages, outlines, and reference pages will not count towards your 10 pages. The paper should have a title page, with a title, your name, and student number as well as an outline. You can use any form of referencing as long as you are consistent throughout.

You will be required to hand in an electronic version of your report by Email Word.



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