What does this activity

For this activity, students are to test the concept of deviance, and to understand how deviance is socially determined. Deviance is socially constructed in that it exist with sensitivity to time and place. What was once deviant may no longer be, what is deviant in one place may be completely acceptable in another. Students are to commit an act of deviance (within state law and university/public policy) which causes some sort of reaction, this could include: Walking backwards to class, or everywhere you go Wearing your clothes inside out, or backwards Wearing different shoes on each foot (non-matching) Calling your parents/grandparents by their first names. Closing the door behind yourself, even when others are trying to enter Pressing every button on the elevator. These are just some of the examples we discussed in class last week, this list should grow as we discuss this in more depth on Monday. Please note: Illegal activities of any kind or which interfere with the safety and/or operation of a person, a business or any other organization are not permitted. The professor and the university are in no way liable for the repercussions of such activity, and ask that every student uses good judgement when completing this activity. Students should then write a two (single spaced, 12 point font) page description of their deviant activity, paying close attention to the reactions of others, reflecting on the following: Is this particular action acceptable in another place? What makes it deviant? Has this changed over time? Why do you believe people reacted in a particular way? Did their reaction effect your ability to complete the activity? What has this activity taught you about the concept of deviance?

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