Business and Economics Education

Learning Outcomes Assessed: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
4 Organise content into effective learning and teaching sequences that challenge and motivate learners in the senior secondary Business and Economics Education classroom.
5 Outline and justify learning goals that provide achievable challenges for students in the senior secondary Business and Economics Education classroom of varying abilities and characteristics.
6 Critically analyse, design and justify teaching strategies that are most effective in challenging and supporting inclusive student participation in Business and Economics Education in the senior secondary years.
7 Within planning processes create, select, employ and justify a range of resources, including ICT, that engage students and support learning in Business and Economics Education.
8 Design and justify assessment specific to the syllabus requirements for Business and Economics Education in the senior secondary years.
Weight 50% Marked out of 50
Word length 2500 words, including quotations and excluding the reference list and citations.
Key cognitions Refer to the cognitions and definitions in the syllabus objectives, subject matter chosen and syllabus glossary.
This assessment item: • is a school based activity
• is an individual activity
• includes a self-assessment activity
• does not have a resubmission provision.

The purpose of this assessment task is to demonstrate an understanding that assessment is aligned with curriculum, pedagogy and reporting.

Part A
Select one topic within Unit 2 of the Queensland Senior Business syllabus
• Design a formative internal assessment task that mirrors IA2(p.39 of the syllabus) for a specific Business or Economics class based on at least one topic using contextualised unit objectives (refer Template 1).
• Analyse and evaluate the alignment, scope and scale of this task and its components. As a formative task, it must be aligned to the specifications of the internal summative assessment task IA2, the reporting standards and the elements within the Instrument Specific Marking Guides (p. 41 of the syllabus), with this justified using annotations (refer Template 2).(500 words)

Part B
• Design a short sequence of three lessons (Template 3) that support this task and are in line with the syllabus subject matter, with careful selection of resources and strategies being emphasized. In these lessons, show how you will develop mastery of the analysing and interpretation OR evaluation skills, and use teaching strategies for challenging and supporting inclusive student participation. Each lesson plans will need to be justified using annotations (refer Template 4). (2000 words)
Use the templates provided to present your assignment.

Sample Solution

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