Community health outcomes.

Design an individually developed team project that has a focus designed to improve
patient/community health outcomes.
CLO # 4 – Analyze readings in collaboration with class peers online, focusing on specific course content.
CLO # 6 – Determine nurse sensitive or other appropriate outcomes for selected project.

PLO # 2 – Participate in patient safety and quality initiatives within the context of an interprofessional team.
Other PLOs may be addressed as well
The Safety Assignment requires that students design an individually developed team project that has a focus
on SAFEY and is researched and designed to improve patient/community health outcomes. The entire project
or elements of it may involve safety for patients and/or communities. It can be the stepping stone for your
Capstone Project Proposal.

  1. Identify and describe one significant safety concern in the clinical site in which you are carrying out the
    Capstone Project (or another clinical site). Include the complexities of the setting and/or the concern such as:
    pertinent history; political, social, financial and/or other constraints/limitations; resources available or needed;
    limitations of human factors.
    If the focus of your capstone project is not directly related to a significant safety issue you can complete this
    assignment by identifying one significant safety concern for another clinical site that you have identified such
    as a place of employment. If you do not use your capstone project site you should email your NURS 499
    instructor with your alternate site for this assignment.
  2. Describe the nurse sensitive or other outcomes that are appropriate for the safety concern you have
    identified. If you have designed your capstone project specifically related to the safety concern described in # 1
    above you can use those outcomes.
  3. Describe one intervention related to the safety concern. This can be part of your capstone project or
    something the agency has initiated.
  4. Explain how this intervention will be evaluated and any evaluation data that is available at the time of this
  5. Describe how the intervention can be related to one of the professional organizations that are concerned
    with safety (ANA, WHO, Joint Commission, Medicare, Patient Safety Movement, AHRQ)

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