Health promotion PowerPoint plan

NUR 212 Context of practice: Child, youth and family health

Task 3 – Health promotion PowerPoint plan

Part B – NUR 212 Context of practice: Child, youth and family health

Use this template to document your health promotion PowerPoint plan. The idea of the plan is to provide a brief overview of the health priority being addressed, the target audience, why this is an important issue to the target audience, the planned health promotion activity to be delivered in your PowerPoint and the health promotion principles used and how advocacy has been incorporated. Submit your plan in week 12. (approximately 1000 words excluding references)

Health promotion expo title:


  1. Introduction – what key health issue is being addressed by this expo and why is this a priority? (a brief overview)
  1. Who is the target audience and why is the health issue significant to them? (age group of target audience and some statistics on the health issue in that age group e.g. tooth decay rates in under 5s, amount of time spent playing “screen-based games” in teens, amount of activity in 5-10 age group)
  1. What is your key health promotion activity and message? (Brief description)
  1. Provide 2 clear examples on how your presentation is underpinned by the principles of health promotion.
  1. How does your presentation promote advocacy for your target audience?
  1. Provide 2 clear examples of how your presentation links to the principles of primary health care in practice (think about how the health care will be provided in the community and how the 2 principles are evidenced. E.g. equity and access of your program, cultural sensitivity).
  1. References to support your discussion should be scholarly. Current peer reviewed journal articles that are published within the last 5 years should be included in your reference list. Additional peer reviewed journal articles, Australian government/agency websites, and textbooks/e-books may also be included. (please list here, using Harvard Style)
  1. Evidence of group collaboration (Group Contract – Part C below) should also be submitted with this task (5% group collaboration mark)

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