Informations sur le devoir Concrete Design

Informations sur le devoir Concrete Design I – CET-4120-001 – Fall 2020 – CRN: 50734
iteration of your design and explain if you are comfortable with you iteration or not as a design. Support your reasons.
Problem 2) 15 %
Briefly explain the general strain distributions throughout reinforced concrete members and qualify the general reason we place rebar where we do in designs. Give a short example. Focus on a general conceptual reason of what we are doing in out designs.
Go to channel room and show problem 1 and 2 work when done. Make sure another student is not in the room.
Problem 3 Take home) 20 %
Return to problem 1. Improve your design. If your first design is adequate, make it better anyway. You are allowed any material grade, orientation, or design method covered and allowed in ACI and in class. The cantilever beam must still have a 15 foot length and subject to the same live and dead load before self-weight however. Determine the ACI design moment capacity of your improved cantilever beam through equations or long form. You may use different material strengths or design methods limited to information covered in the class to aid in your design. You must support your work.

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