Local Government Meeting Report

Review a local government meeting. You will virtually attend the meeting of a local governmental body or watch a recorded live stream that has been archived— city council, school board, state legislature, special district, hospital district, community college district, etc. (Meeting times and locations are posted on governmental entities websites.)
You are to write a paper at least 2 pages in length on your observations.
The following questions should be addressed in your paper but NOT in a question/answer format, but rather a paper format:

  1. What body did you observe—give history or background and the members (who are they, when they were elected, etc.
  2. What is the authority of the body you observed? Who is on this body and how is it organized?
  3. What issues or cases did the organization address at the meeting you attended? Who attended the meeting and who participated in the meeting? How did the deliberations go (that is, who spoke about what)? What decisions were made and how? Did a member of the general public speak? If so, what topic did they address?
  4. Finally, offer observations about what you learned about decision-making within this body (even if obvious).The analysis and report will include your views of the major issues faced by the local government /organization. You will include their opinions on possible solutions to issues. A copy of the Meeting Agenda must be included and attached to your presentation.
    Format: Typed with a 12 pt. font and double spaced.
    Some examples, but you can search for other meetings:

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