Managing business ethics – Codes of ethics

Revision Chapters Chapter 5 – Managing business ethics – Codes of ethics 1- Explain the main elements of business ethics management? 2- Describe the codes of ethics and how useful they are for the management of business ethics Chapter 6 – Shareholders and business ethics -Conflict of interest 1. Define insider trading. What are the main ethical arguments against insider trading? 2. Why is the ownership of coporations different from that of other forms of property? What implications does this have for the nature of shareholder rights?
Chapter 7 – Employees and business ethics 1. To what extent are employee rights protected by: – the employment contract and legislation? 2. Explain with examples the term “reverse discrimination”? 3. What are the main types of privacy that employees might expect (provide examples)
Chapter 8 – Consumers – Marketing ethics 1. What is the difference between ethical consumption and sustainable consumption? 2. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages consumerism. 3. Briefly explain deception in marketing communication e.g consider ‘fair and lovely’ advertisement as discussed in class.
Chapter 9 – Suppliers and competitors – Art of negotiation 1. What is a conflict of interest? Outline the conflict of interest that might typically arise in firm-supplier relations. 2. Should firms accept gifts from overseas suppliers? How can a firm ensure that its relationships with suppliers are strictly ethical if gift giving is allowed?
Chapter 10 – Civil society organisations 1. What are civil society organisations, and what relevance do they have for business ethics? 2. Explain the concept of civil regulation. How appropriate is this term for describing the nature of civil society activities towards companies? 3. Digital technology is facilitating new kinds of interactions between market, civil and state sectors. What are the benefits and risks of digital technology in enhancing corporate sustainability?
Chapter 11 – Government and regulations -Corruption 1. Explain the two basic roles of government that determine its stakeholder relationship with corporations. 2. What are the otential ethical pproblems associated with corporate lob !Hy ot yover[1111

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