MIET1077 Mechanics Of Machines

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Assignment Detail:- MIET1077 Mechanics of Machines Assignment – School of Engineering, RMIT University, Australia – Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of Linkage Mechanisms 6-bar Linkage Mechanism – For the six-bar linkage mechanism shown below: Given data: 12 = OA = -m- 81 = 82 = 60o p = n2 = rpm Determine: 11 = OE = -m-13 = AB = -m-14 = BE = -m-I5 = CD = -m- AC = -m- H = -m- 83 = 84 = 85 = Guidelines for choosing the remaining dimensions of the mechanism: OE- = CD- = 40A- OA- + AB-< OE- + BE- OA- + OE- < AB- + EB- AC- = 3/5 AB- H = 1/40A-Answer the following questions: 1- Determine all possible positions of links and joints by graphical position analysis-Draw to scale all positions of joints for sixteen subsequent positions of link 2 and determine the limits of motion where appropriate- Identify and outline the paths of each moving joint- 2- Determine linear and angular velocities by graphical velocity analysis for the given position 82 = 60o of the mechanism, as shown above- Draw to scale the velocity vector diagram encompassing all linear velocities to scale and present the results in a tabular form- 3-Determine all linear and angular accelerations by graphical acceleration analysis for the given position 82 = 60o of the mechanism- Draw to scale the acceleration vector diagram encompassing all linear accelerations to scale and present

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