the Unit Coordinator, Academic component:

Research project (40% of final grade) The total research project mark consists of two marks, allocated to you by the Unit Coordinator, Academic component:
a. Watching/downloading seminar videos on LMS by the Friday of the relevant teaching week (5% of the final grade)
b. 1500-1800 word written research essay (35% of the final grade)
Written research essay Students are expected to prepare an individual research project, focusing in particular on performance practices for genres and styles of music performed in their ensemble, culminating in a 1500-1800 word research essay on performance practice/s relevant to your ensemble. The recommended readings and online seminar materials will support the development of students’ projects. According to the student’s background and topic focus, students may draw from a wide range of research methodologies in the development of the project, such as reflective practice, historical research, ethnomusicological/anthropological, etc. or a combination thereof.
As you prepare your research project, ensure that you understand and will be able to demonstrate the following in your essay: 1. Clear articulation of the chosen topic, its rationale and methodology 2. Meaningful articulation of focus issues 3. A clear and well-organised overview and summary of the research plan 4. Evidence of awareness of relevant research literature or other sources
The essay itself must contain: 1. A brief introduction and statement of your research topic and methodological approach (1/2 page, approx. 300-400 words). 2. The body of the paper, supported by text explanation, musical examples or other evidence to support your argument, arranged in logical sequence with sub-headings and clear paragraphing (approx. 1000-1200 words). 3. Citation of relevant published sources relevant to your assignment, in footnotes or endnotes, using Chicago style (see style guide links or Music referencing below). 4. A conclusion with a succinct summary (a paragraph, approx. 200 words). 5. A list of references, appropriately formatted. The final draft should be word-processed, double-spaced and use standard type fonts (e.g. Arial, Times New Roman, etc.), font size 12 with standard margins.

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