Computer forensic

The aim of this assignment is to improve your industry-based practical research skills as
well as to deepen your understanding of common forensic tools and how they are applicable to reallife problems. You need to research one recent (computer forensics, such as (but not limited to) murder, kidnap, drug trafficking, intellectual
property theft, industrial espionage, employment disputes, fraud, forgeries, inappropriate email and
internet use in the work place. For the purpose of this assignment, you need to:
1. Provide a detailed description of the case, i.e. what happened?
2. Report who were involved in the crime, i.e. who were the criminal(s), suspect(s) and the
3. Report or infer the motivation and criminal purpose, i.e. what were the sinister aims that the
criminal(s) intended to achieve;
4. Identify and report what type of evidences were used in the criminal investigation of the case;
5. Report or identify, based on the face of the evidence, the type of the attack(s);
6. Identify which forensic tool(s) was/were used in this case
7. Discuss how it has affected the victim(s) and any consequences of the crime;
8. Report what the criminal punishment was, if any;
9. Report any other aspects of the case you would like to discuss, e.g. which court(s) had the
jurisdiction? i.e. this case should/can be heard at which court. In your discussion, you need to
a. Critically evaluate the forensic tool(s) and discuss their capacity in various categories
of functions, including acquisition, validation and verification, extraction,
reconstruction and reporting;
b. Justify the selection of that/those specific tools over other tools;
c. Discuss how computer forensic experts made use of the nominated tools in the criminal
investigation of the case you presented.


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