Persuasive Letter


“Persuasive writing is utilized by writers to take a stance on an issue, convincing readers to
agree with a certain opinion or idea” (Master Class). Persuasive writing is not limited to essays
or papers, but it can be written in the form of “op-eds, reviews, and advertisements and
letters” (Master Class).
A Sense of Place
Most of us have a favorite place on or around campus we gravitate to—a place to spend time
between classes getting some fresh air, some peace and quiet, catching up with friends, grabbing
a bite to eat, or getting last minute homework done. Whether “our place” is a bench by the pond,
a window seat in the library, or the upper mezzanine in Wooster Hall, these places all have
special meaning just for us.
For this assignment, write about your favorite place utilizing some of the skills you have learned
about writing.
Please follow these instructions:
Task 1
Find your favorite place on campus and go hang out there for half an hour. Take your phone and
a notepad and pen, or your laptop with you. Spend this half hour observing the space—what it
looks like, who shares it with you, what you do there, when you usually go, how often, and how
the space makes you feel. Take some photographs and write down your observations. Use good
powers of description to capture the architecture, landscape or geographic location of the place,
the vibe, and what you enjoy about being there.
Task 2
Conduct a little research on this place and find at least two interesting things about it (don’t
forget to acknowledge your sources); this could be some local history about the place, something
interesting that happened there, or some interesting facts about its construction.
Task 3
After you have gathered your notes and your research, write a letter to a family member or friend
who has never visited your favorite place here at SUNY New Paltz. In this letter, tell them all
about your place, including the interesting facts you have discovered about it and the photos you
have taken (don’t forget to cite your sources). Think about who you are writing to, and tailor
your language to address that person directly. Follow the letter genre to include all the essential
features. Your letter should be 500 words. Don’t forget to sign it!






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