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Analysis and skills audit and professional learning plan

Appendix 1

ASSESSMENT TASK 1: Analysis and skills audit and professional learning plan

Weighting 40% (equivalent to 2,200 words)


Year 7 to 10 teachers are expected to teach the full range of a subject from the relevant State or Territory’s jurisdictional framework. This assignment consists of a self-audit of the topics contained in your particular region’s curriculum documents, an analysis of that process and then formulate a professional development plan to address areas that are unfamiliar.

If you are teaching Science or Humanities, choose one subject area to look at from Years 7 to 10. For example, Humanities can be History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business. If your other subject areas is one of these, then choose a different subject. In Science, choose from Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Psychology. Many Associates may not be teaching at their placement school in their subject area. This task is a projection into your future as teachers.

Pre-work: Your Lecturer will identify to you whether there is a template for you to follow to undertake the self-audit. In the absence of one, you can use your own template or simply put a table together identifying your strengths and weaknesses against the content of the curriculum. You may wish to use a table and colour code what you know and what you don’t know. You will look at the entire curriculum from Years 7 to 10 in the subject but chose one year level that forms part of the self audit. This can be displayed in a table format identifying each content descriptor and then using either a rating system of shading to indicate what you know and what you don’t know.

How to approach auditing the General Capabilities and Cross Curricular Priorities

In your table, identify which areas of your audit, provides an opportunity to incorporate the General Capabilities and Cross Curricular Priorities and which content descriptors would provide any opportunity to pursue these areas. This pre-work is attached as an appendix. Equivalent to approximately 200 words

You will then select a year level. You may have little prior knowledge in this area so you will identify the areas for development of the key skills and/or knowledge. A strategic plan will then be developed to tackle those gaps by reflecting on the self-audit, preparing a timely professional development plan and then critically evaluate the process. In addition, you are to describe your unique professional position, influence and responsibilities that you have and discuss how this would further enrich the teaching and learning in a classroom of that subject area. Please do not attach your resume.

Part 1: Self-Audit. Start with your self-audit and then provide a discussion of the self-audit process and the experience of utilizing the self-audit tool, and the results of your self-audit. You must clearly identify your strengths and weaknesses in the content knowledge and conceptual understanding.

Include in this part details of any personal or professional experience which could enhance student engagement that is underpinned by relevant and recent 21st century research. Do not include a resume. Provide an example of one subject specific pedagogy that links to the relevant curriculum in the subject area e.g. how do you teach subject specific literacy. Equivalent to approximately 500 words

Part 2: Professional Learning Plan. Develop a professional learning plan to address the areas of weaknesses you identified in your self-audit. Your plan must;

Outline a sequence of actions on your behalf that will address the weaknesses. Your actions cannot simply refer to ‘research’ or ‘study’ – you must be specific about what learning you will undertake over a period of time. You need to be resourceful. For example, you may consider joining your relevant region’s subject association and attend additional professional learning that may be on offer. You are not expected to undertake paid professional learning. If you undertake some professional reading, be specific about what that is and why you chose it. If you seek out an experienced teacher, make a list of questions and take notes about the suggestions they are making. Equivalent to approximately 750 words

Part 3: Analysis of outcome. Critically evaluate the process of completing the audit, and developing and enacting your professional learning plan – what did you learn, why, how and to what effect? Include as a appendix, the evidence of any enacted activities of your professional learning plan. Equivalent to approximately 750 words

Part 4: For Graduate Attribute 9. Demonstrate effective communication in written English Language including the use of APA Referencing Style which includes a Reference List and intext citations. Not included in the word count.

Curriculum (VIC) Economics and Business Year 10    Strength    Weakness    General Capabilities  Cross-Curricular Prioritiesdescribing the characteristics of the Australian economy such as its participants and resource base  Critical and Creating Thinking Ethical LiteracyAsia and Australia’s engagement with Asiaidentifying economic objectives of the Australian economy from the point of view of consumers, businesses, workers and governments and explain how these may be used as indicators of economic performance  Personal and Social NumeracySustainability

Stepping out your planning for the task

Examine the curriculum for your particular subject area for Years 7 to 10

Choose one year level

Undertake the audit with the tools provided by your lecturer or a similar table as the example

Research possible professional development opportunities that may exist to improve your areas of weaknesses.

Reflect on the self-audit process

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