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IC105 Ethics in Investment Management

Henley Business School UG Assessment Brief

Module Code and TitleIC105 Ethics in Investment ManagementModule ConvenorType of AssessmentEssay                                     ☐ In-Class TestReport                                   ☐ Group Report ☒ Project                                  ☐ Group Presentation Practical Skills Exercise                                     ☐ Portfolio Other: Video presentationWeighting of Assessment10% VideoSubmission Deadline26th March 2021Submission Point (Blackboard/Turnitin/Other)Video presentation through BlackboardItems to be SubmittedVideoIndividual or Group Assessment☒ Individual                                ☐ GroupModule Convenor Office Hours/Opportunities for Advice and FeedbackYou can book an appointment with Ms Lisa Chow during her office hours through the careers portal My Jobs Online Do not send an email.

1. What is the Purpose of This Assessment?”>

The following table shows which of the module learning outcomes are being assessed in this assignment. Use this table to help you see the connection between this assessment and your learning on the module.

Module Learning Outcomes Being Assessed

Task (attach a separate briefing document if required)Thinking about the various topics from the careers elements of the module, such as team building, group work, personal effectiveness including time management, presentation and negotiation skills, you are to produce a video presentation reflecting on: How you have developed these skills to dateWhat you learned during the lecturesWhat you plan to do next to develop yourself for each of the employability–related assessable learning outcomes as outlined below:   Employability related outcomes: Teamwork – ability to articulate what makes a good team and what their preferred role is on a teamTime management – ability to plan task lists and prioritise, identify and apply this to both group projects and personal workloadsNegotiation – ability to reach a negotiated outcome with others when there are competing objectivesPresentation – ability to plan and deliver compelling presentations   Video (10% of final mark) Individual 5 min video presentation. Please articulate what you have learned and what you plan to do next to develop yourself for each of the employability –related assessable learning outcomes stated above.   It is fairly typical at work to have to both write a report and give an oral presentation that summarises your work.   These presentations are often added to very busy agendas, so you have to deliver a short, punchy presentation that will be remembered at the end of the meeting.   Instead of presenting (live), you will be presenting a video of your presentation. You can be as creative as you like with the video as long as it meets the following brief. Incorporate the learnings from the lecture.

Guidelines/Details of How to Prepare Your SubmissionVideo: Recommend use of video on your device. Make sure the display and audio is set up properly so that the viewer can see and hear you properly. Test this works before you record in full. Demonstrate your learnings from the Presentation Skills session.   Upload your video presentation through Blackboard. You will be given a link to submit on Blackboard. Make sure the file is named in this format: IC105_Name_StudentNumberThe Assessment Criteria to be Used for Marking This Piece of Work  Refer to the marking criteria rubric at the end of this document.Self-Regulation: Make sure That You…Leave enough time to script, film and edit your video.Three Key Pieces of Advice Based on the Feedback Given to the Previous Cohort who Completed This AssignmentMake sure you: Demonstrate a strong grasp of the topics and enjoyment in discovering useful practical tools that would hold them in good stead in the workforceUse the concepts and write reflections about how it impacts your personal situationManage your time and avoid last-minute submissionsFor Group Work Only:Elements of Group Working:   Classroom Briefing by Module ConvenorRegular Meetings of All Team MembersRecord and Keep Evidence of Meetings (agenda/minutes)Record Attendance and Member ContributionsTeam Reflection DocumentSubmit Peer Assessment RequiredFormatting GuidelinesVideo: in mp4 or WAV file format, file is named in this format: IC105_Name_StudentNumberWord Limit/Guidance and Penalty AppliedVideo: No less than 5 mins and no longer than 10 mins   10% of the mark will be deducted if any of these parameters are not followed

Referencing StyleNo academic references requiredGuidance on Academic Misconduct (including using Turnitin practice area)The work you produce must be your own. You should ensure that the work you produce adheres to the University’s statement on academic integrity and to the regulations regarding academic misconduct (such as plagiarism and cheating). You are encouraged to put a draft of your work through the Turnitin practice area to satisfy yourself that the work is your own original work. You can find this in your module area on Blackboard. You can seek advice from the Module Convenor or your Programme Administrator.

4. What Resources Might I Use to Prepare My Work?”>

  Reflections from notes taken and exercises in the lectures Careers Coaching with a consultant from Henley Careers and Professional Development

5. Late Submission ArrangementsPoint of Submission : Turnitin Late Submission Penalty: ☒ The University Standard Penalty Apply Other: Click or tap here to enter text.Plagiarism: ☒ The University’s Standard Policy on Academic Misconduct Applies Other: Click or tap here to enter text.

Timing of feedback: ☒ Within 15 days of submission deadline   When examinations marks are released   Other Click or tap here to enter text.Type of feedback:   ☒ Mark                                             ☐ Generic Feedback ☒ Individual Feedback                   ☐ Comments Written on the Assessment Audio Feedback                          ☐ Video FeedbackBreakdown of Mark                   ☐ Other: Click or tap here to enter text.Location of Feedback:   Blackboard                                       ☒ Turnitin                             ☐ RISISOther: Click or tap here to enter text.

Assessment Criteria Rubric for Marking

Module Code:                           Module Title                                                     Assessment Task:                                                     Academic Year:

GRADE BANDSFIRST CLASS2:12:23RD (THRESHOLD)FAILASSESSMENT CRITERIA80+ OUTSTANDING70 – 79 EXCELLENT60 – 69 VERY GOOD50 – 59 GOOD40 – 49 SATISFACTORY39 AND BELOWCriterion 1:Developed deepDeveloped goodDevelopedSome evidence ofLimited evidence ofNo or poor evidence ofReflections on keyawareness and in-awareness and goodawareness and aawareness butawareness andawareness and littleelements of the briefdepth considerationconsideration of self-degree oflacking responses inlacking responses inresponses in self-reflection of self-reflection onreflection on each ofconsideration of self-self-reflection onself-reflection onon each of the each of thethe employability–reflection on each ofeach of theeach of theemployability–related employability–related assessablethe employability–employability–employability–assessable learning related assessablelearning outcomesrelated assessablerelated assessablerelated assessableoutcomes; lacking evidence learning outcomes,which reflectslearning outcomeslearning outcomeslearning outcomes,of personal development. which reflectsexcellent personalwhich reflects verywhich shows goodshowing satisfactory  outstanding personaldevelopment.good personalpersonalpersonal  development. development.development.development. Criterion 2:Showing impressiveShowing mastery ofShowing sound andShowing a grasp ofShowing littleNo or poor evidence of theKnowledge,mastery of thethe subject-matterthorough grasp of themajor element theevidence of thesubject matter. Inability tounderstanding ofsubject-matter andand developed abilitysubject-matter,subject-matter. Theresubject matter. Littleanalyse, evaluate andrelevant concepts ofhighly developedto analyse, evaluatethough lacking in theis some attempt toattempt to analyse,integrate knowledge andthe subject-matter,ability to analyse,and integratebreadth and depthanalyse, evaluate andevaluate andconcepts. Few learninganalysis, evaluationevaluate andknowledge andrequired for a firstintegrate knowledgeintegrate knowledgeoutcomes met with little orand critical reflectionintegrate knowledgeconcepts. Majorclass mark. A goodand concepts. Mostand concepts. Not allno evidence of criticaltowards theand concepts. Alllearning outcomesattempt to analyse,learning outcomeslearning outcomesreflection. Superficialappreciation oflearning outcomesare covered withevaluate andare covered withmet with littleengagement with the widerdiversity andare covered ororiginality of thoughtintegrate knowledgesome evidence ofevidence of criticalsociety.multiculturalism byexceeded withand strong evidenceand concepts. Mostcritical reflection. Thereflection. Low level engaging in team-originality of thought,of critical reflection.learning outcomeswork remainsof competence in working.critical reflection andThe workare covered withcompetent withengaging with the  creativity. The workdemonstrates wellgood evidence ofsome evidence inwider society.  demonstrates highuse of sources strongcritical reflection. Theengaging with the   level of competencelevel of competencework is generallywider society.   and autonomy inand autonomy incompetent,      autonomous and   

 engaging with wider society.engaging with wider society.shows engagement with the wider society.   Criterion 3: Structure, style and presentationOutstanding presentation, logically structured, with a highly professional approach.Excellent presentation, well structured with a professional approachGood presentation, well structured with a professional approachFair or reasonable standard of presentation, fairly structured with some degree of professionalismEvidence of an attempt to present material effectively, but with poorly expressed in structure and lacks professionalismInadequate presentation, poorly expressed a lack of structure. Poor reflection of professionalismCriterion 4: Demonstrate use of technological toolsOutstanding use of technological tools to create presentationExcellent use of technological tools to create presentationGood use of technological tools to create presentationSome evidence of using technological tools to create presentationLimited evidence of using technological tools to create presentationNo or poor evidence of using technological tools to create presentation

Note: Student coursework must adhere to the University of Reading policy on Academic Misconduct.

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