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Applied Microeconomics

The term paper assignment in ECO 710 is to research and write a literature review on a topic related to microeconomics. The purpose of the paper is for you to apply your growing knowledge of microeconomics to analyze the empirical or experimental research on a topic of your choice. Through your research and writing, you will need to directly “evaluate and critically assess alternative models” (which is learning objective #3 for ECO 710). The paper also relates to all three of the Applied Economics concentration goals.

A literature review is a scholarly paper, which includes the current knowledge including substantive findings, as well as theoretical and methodological contributions to a particular topic. Literature reviews are a basis for research in nearly every academic field. A narrow-scope (focused) literature review is always included as part of a paper/article presenting new research, serving to situate the current study within the body of the relevant literature and to provide context for the reader. (In such a case, the review usually precedes the methodology and results sections of the work.)

While a literature review can be just a simple summary of the sources, it usually has an organizational pattern and combines both summary and synthesis. A summary is a recap of the important information of the source, but a synthesis is a re-organization, or a reshuffling, of that information. It might give a new interpretation of old material or combine new with old interpretations. Or it might trace the intellectual progression of the field, including major debates. And depending on the situation, the literature review may evaluate the sources and advise the reader on the most pertinent or relevant.

For the Literature Review assignment, you are to research, and then summarize, review and critique the published empirical and/or experimental research related to some topic of interest to you within the broad area of applied microeconomics. (Microeconomic areas include, but are not limited to, agricultural economics, industrial organization, health economics, sports economics, labor economics, urban economics, family economics, information economics, uncertainty, welfare economics, behavioral economics, international trade, asset markets & pricing, and environmental economics). You will write a short proposal outlining the topic you want to research. This will then guide your literature research.



In a short essay of 500-1000 words, describe a topic, concept or question within microeconomics that you intend to research. The proposal should focus on clearly and succinctly defining the scope of the literature review. It is often helpful to state a research question to focus the research; however, this it not strictly required. Other than the limit that the topic has to be microeconomic (e.g. not topics related to economic aggregates, fiscal or monetary policy, etc.) there are no limits on the subject matter. Excellent ideas can be found by skimming the tables of contents of journals like the Journal of Economic Perspectives, Applied Economics, Applied Economic Letters, and many others.

Literature Review:

Restate your specific topic or research question at the beginning of the literature review.

The literature review should be written in a formal scholarly style using APA citations (with in-line references). Use the literature review sections of the papers that you are reading as models. Remember that the purpose is not to summarize each article, but to focus on the information from the articles that specifically relates to your topic/question.

You’ve got a focus (your research question/topic), and you’ve stated it clearly and directly. Now what is the most effective way of presenting the information? What are the most important topics, subtopics, etc., that your review needs to include? And in what order should you present them? Develop an organization for your review at both a global and local level. Note that a simple chronological organization is generally not the most effective.

The literature review must include a works cited page listing all of the works referenced in the paper in APA format.

It is strongly recommended that you consult with the Foundry Writing Center when preparing your literature review.

Literature Review Rubric

The Literature Review should present a review of the scholarly literature related to the research topic/question chosen. In-line citations following APA style should be used.

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