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Artificial Intelligence

You will write a research essay based on review of relevant literature and case studieson one of the following topics:
Analyze the digital strategy implications ofone emerging technology (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things, etc.) inone industry.
Word count: 2,500 words (maximum)

Your essay shall be structured, but not limited, as follows

Introduction: definitions and discussions of key concepts as well as a description of the essay structure.
Provide a critical analysis of relevant literature: this should identify and explain relevant theories, arguments and perspectives regarding the topic of your choice. You can take a specific position on the topic and discuss the literature to support, refute or demonstrate your position. Here you are free to create appropriate sub-section headings.
Discussion of the main challenges, problems and issues businesses face in relation to the chosen topic (or your specific position).
Conclusion: discussion of the overall coverage of the topic including emerging trends about the future.

Chose a topic that can demonstrate your understanding of the course
Locate relevant sources (databases, journals, books). You are expected to refer to refereed (peer reviewed) academic papers more so than websites.
Identify relevant literature (at least 10 relevant Journal articles. Start with the course references list to support your initial exploration of the themes, concepts and issues that may apply to the topic).
Analyse and synthesise the literature to produce an analytical essay that addresses not only “what” questions but also “why”, “how” and “in what sense” questions.
Submission Instruction

This essay should not be more than 2,500 wordsexcluding reference.
The essay shall be formatted as: 11pt font Times New Roman; 1.5 line spacing and 2.54 (standard setting) margin.
Your analysis and recommendations will need to be supportedwith clear and relevant
evidence from both scholarly and other sources described under the list of evidence.
Marking guide

Introduction (5):An accurate statement of the topic is provided and key terms are defined with relevant citations. An overview of the themes, arguments and issues to be discussed is presented.
Evidence based discussion and critical analysis (25): Relevant and valid answer to the essay topic that uses high quality references to underpin all arguments/points. Logical flow and development of ideas. Synthesis and critical analysis is underpinned by appropriate literature; use of relevant theories, concepts and frameworks to support analysis; own input, insight and interpretation.
Conclusion (10):A clear and complete summary of key arguments, issues and themes is presented that corresponds to the outline presented in the introduction. Accurate implications and/or recommendations are provided.
Presentation (5):Clarity of structure, quality of presentation, style and readability.
Referencing (5):Appropriate citation of sources and evidence used; use of RMIT referencing and citation style.
Preferred to use RMIT Harvard referencing.

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