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Genetic lab

The specific research question: What DNA mutations are responsible for the mutant yellow body color
phenotype in yellow flies?
The Hypothesis: DNA sequence yellow mutation will look different from the DNA sequence of wild type fly
Prior to submitting your Lab Report 2full lab report, you will be handing in a rough draft of your Introduction,
including the following sections: Title Page, Introduction, and References. The purpose of this rough draft is to
help you begin writing and provide the opportunity to receive feedback from your TA/Instructor that will help you
with the final full draft of the report.Your Introduction rough draft should not exceed 2 typed double-spaced
pages (excluding the title page and reference section).
1)Title page: The current working title of your paper, your name, the date, and the coursetitle with section
number should be included.You are expected to generate your own title that is complete, accurate, and
descriptive of the work. This will be a working title that you may update upon receipt of feedback and
collection/analysis of data.
2)Introduction: Introduce the research question and purpose of experiments performed, providing sufficient
background for the reader to understand the project, including the major biological principles being examined.
Once defining the research question your experiments address, provide a brief overview of the experimental
model and approach(techniques) utilized.State the hypothesis, providing rationale(reason/justification) for the
hypothesis based on pertinent observations and information already known from the literature. State the
anticipated results given your hypothesis and discuss the rationale for expecting this outcome. Your goal is to
clearly and concisely write this information, ultimately in ~2 pages. Take a look at some of the research articles
you are using for background information to see examples of types and flow of information typical in an
introduction.Try to keep the length of the Introduction draft to no more than 2 pages.Any information from other
sources, including any figures you did not generate yourself, must be properly cited in-text/below the figure
AND in the reference section.
3)References: You should include any items you have used so far to write your draft. This may or may not yet
include the lab manual. You should use at least 2 scientific sources in your draft, with at least 4 total being
required for the final report(at least two of your sources being journal articles).Carefully follow the formatting
rules for in-text citations and reference section listings. Websites are typically not appropriate
sources.Reminder that you have some relevant, suggested review and primary research article references
provided in the course powerpoint slides!
here they are
These papers are also good resources for writing your lab report !
Review articles:
Massey and Wittkopp. 2016. The genetic basis of pigmentation differences within and between Drosophila
species. Cur Top Dev Bio. 119: 27-60
Drapeau. 2003. A novel hypothesis on the biochemical role of the Drosophila Yellow protein. Biochem Biophys
Res Com. 331: 1-2
Primary research articles:
Wittkopp et al. 2002. Reciprocal functions of the Drosophila yellow and ebony proteins in the development and
evolution of pigment patterns. Development 129: 1849-1858.
Riedel et al. 2011. Megalin-dependent yellow endocytosis restricts melanization in the Drosophila cuticle.
Development. 138: 149-158.

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