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How was this MNE started?

Assessment description
The purpose of Assessment 2 is to enable students to gain a deeper understanding and applicability of the learned concepts, theories, and models for the critical analysis and discussion of the competitive and global strategies of multinational enterprises (MNEs). Each group of students is required to choose an MNE and prepare a project report as well as a presentation on how the chosen MNE has developed and leveraged its capabilities and competencies to design and implement international business strategies for creating competitive advantages and sustainable growth in global markets. The project should focus on the following key questions.
• How was this MNE started? • What are its core resources and capabilities; and how has it built them over time? • What is the industry context of the MNE (e.g. buyers, suppliers); and how attractive the market is for the MNE? • Describe the competitive rivalry and competitive dynamics in the competitor environment of the MNE. • Describe the institutional and/or country factors (e.g. regulatory and cultural factors) which have affected the MNE’s ability to compete in the global market. • How the various global competitive dynamics (whether endogenous and exogenous) have affected its choice of market entry mode? • What are the current opportunities and challenges of the MNE, and what strategies should it choose in order to achieve sustainable growth in the global market?
Before conducting the project, each group is required to write an outline of their proposed project in order to assure the appropriateness and significance of their case for the GMBA6009 course. While the outline should not exceed 600 words, it should contain the followings:
• The title of the project. • The reason for choosing the MNE as well as the significance of the case to the GMBA6009 course (the possible learning points). • A brief description of the origin of the MNE. • The products portfolio of the MNE. • A table describing the general profile of the MNE (such as number of subsidiaries, number of employees, and annual sales). • The main industy(ies) and country(ies) in which the MNE is operating and involved. • The main incumbents and new entrants with which the MNE is competing. • The geographical map of the main parts of its international value chain (e.g. design, production, marketing), and • A rough plan showing how and when each task of the project will be conducted, preferably using a chart as well as a timetable.

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