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MIT302 Internet of Things

Group Presentation and Video (part 2)

Unit:             MIT302 Internet of Things

Due Date:       09/06/2023

Total Marks:    This assessment is worth 10% of the full marks in the unit. Instructions:

1.        Students are required to cover all stated requirements.

Your submission must be uploaded to Moodle in PPT file.

3.        Please save the document as: MIT302_Firstname_Surname_StudentNumber[assessment1].ppt


This assignment is following group programming project part 1, which is to write a proposal for your IoT project.

You need to carefully follow the input format and generate sensible output. If the program crashed during testing, you may lose the corresponding marks in specific tests.

This assignment should be submitted on 09/06/2023 4pm through Turnitin. Any submission after the due date will be dealt with late submission penalties.

Write a PowerPoint of your IoT project that makes use of Arduino UNO or Packet Tracer and its sensors.

Students are to form groups of 1-2 members. Submit a product power point proposal with (but not limited to) the following components:

The PowerPoint should include 8-10 slides explaining the project goal and reason.

The slides should clearly explain the steps of building the project.

The slides should have a URL link to play your video from


You or your team is going to present your work in Week 12 in front of the rest of the class mates within 15 minutes only. The presentation should show a demonstration about how your project works. You may present that live or you can present and view a video from

You need to choose one of the following presentation options:

Option 1: Present you Power Point slides, then play a video. You do not need to upload your video to Moodle. You may upload it to the cloud, such as

Option 2: Present your Power Point slides, and show how your device works, without playing any video.

The Video (Optional)

Live demo or video should be conducted with the 15 minutes period. If a video then it should be clear and uploaded somewhere on the cloud.

Submission MIT302_Firstname_Surname_StudentNumberr[assessment1].ppt Submit it to the Moodle system by the due date.

Marking Criteria

[6 marks] Live or video demonstration

[4 marks] Presentation skills, such as: Camera on, well presenting, voice, clear language, understand what you say…etc

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