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NUR 212 Task 3

NUR 212 Task 3

Information sheet Instructions

This health promotion education PowerPoint presentation and supporting written template will be aimed at a specific target demographic selected from one of the health areas identified in the topic list. You will use the PowerPoint presentation to demonstrate how you would approach the education program and include photo(s)/Image(s) of your health promotion education idea within your slides

The target audience for your presentation will be one of the following:

• Pregnant mothers

• Infants (birth to one year)

• Early childhood 1-5 years

• School aged children – 5-13 years

• Adolescents

• Maternal health is our target audience, everything we must explain is to mothers. So please make assignment accordingly

Within these groups you can choose to target specific groups e.g. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, rural and remote, refugees, single parents etc.


Please choose one of the following selected topics.

1. Dental health

2. Overweight and obesity

3. Breastfeeding

4. Social and emotional wellbeing

PowerPoint Presentation

Maximum of 6 slides (Intro slide plus 4 content slides and reference(s) slide)

• Your presentation should cover a maximum of 4 slides (plus introduction and reference slide so 6 in total). It should promote a key health message aimed specifically at the target audience.

• The context of the presentation should reflect the age demographic, cultural, and/or social influences of the group.

• Content should be engaging and relevant to the target audience with a key health promotion message highlighted.

• This is to be presented in your Zoom tutorial

Written Template

A 1000 word (+/-10%) written template will be completed, providing evidence-based research on your selected topic and focused population.

This should include the following:

1. What is the health issue being addressed, and why is it a health priority area?

2. Who is the target audience and why is the issue significant to this age group?

Target audience: Maternal health [ pregnant mothers]

3. What is your key health promotion activity and message?

E.g.: now a day’s people are active on social media so we can use digital technology to educate them, camps, hospital brochures etc

4. Provide 2 clear examples about how your presentation is underpinned by the principles of health promotion.

Principles of health promotion: these are identified as

  1. Build healthy public policy
  2. Create supportive environment
  3. Strengthen community actions
  4. Develop personal skills
  5. Reorientate health services.
  1. How does your presentation promote advocacy for your target audience?

6. Provide 2 clear examples about how your presentation links to the principles of primary health care in practice (think about how the health care will be provided in the community and how the 2 principles are evidenced. E.g. equity and access of your program, cultural sensitivity).

7. References should be scholarly, used to support your discussion. Current peer reviewed journal articles that are published within the last 5 years should be included in your reference list. Additional peer reviewed journal articles, Australian government/agency websites, and textbooks/e-books may also be included.

Harvard style

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