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The purpose of this assignment is to make a plan for your research. It will take a few steps for you to get to a complete proposal. RESEARCH QUESTION: What is the Future of US security policy? HYPOTHESIS: This should be your initial best guess at what you think the answer to your question will be. After some preliminary reading, you should have some idea of what you think is the answer. In this example, the answer might be: “Because of the success of current counterterror methods, terrorist groups will need to choose more clandestine organizational models, such as leaderless resistance.” Form it into an equation, so that you have multiple parts which you can measure (albeit qualitatively). counter terror methods’ success = more clandestine organizational models. And you’ll need to define all of these variables/terms. For example, how do you define success? Is it the elimination of the terror group? What is a more clandestine organizational model? These will be found in literature reviews on terror organizations. METHODOLOGY: Again, building on your preliminary research, you will have some idea as to how you will be able to answer the question. Some possibilities include: comparison, counting, natural experiments, case study, model building, or theory testing. Check out this summary of interesting methodology ideas: LITERATURE REVIEW: Using the library’s EBSCO search, JSTOR, Proquest, CIAO database, find articles that help you define your terms and set up an understanding of what your variables are and how they will help you answer your question. Organize the information that you derive around the parts of the hypothesis — the variables. In our example, you’ll need to describe various counter terror methods, then explain your definition of success, then describe a variety of clandestine organizational models. Each of these elements should have a paragraph or two in the literature review. For the proposal, you don’t have to have this completely finished, but you will need to have a good start on it. For the final research paper, it will need to be complete. SOURCE OF DATA: how you will a answer the question. From where will you get the answer? You don’t have to write the research for this part yet; save that for the research paper.  Give me a little bit of a description and justification too. literature review is just the start of YOUR research. You will make an original contribution to the study of national security with YOUR conclusions; thus you will go beyond the literature review, and you will find the answer to your question in original data. You might use newspaper accounts, histories, government documents, speeches, press releases, databases (Global Terrorism Database, or the RAND Database of Worldwide Terrorism Incidents, for example.) REFERENCES: 1. Curran, David, “Training for Peacekeeping: Towards Increased Understanding of Conflict Resolution?” International Peacekeeping 20, no. 1 (2013): 80-97 2. Johnson Chris. “Peacemaking and Peacekeeping: Reflections from Abyei.” International Peacekeeping 19, no. 5 (2012): 640 3. Paul, T. V. “Self-Deterrence: Nuclear Weapons and the Enduring Credibility Challenge.” International Journal 71, no. 1 (2016): 20-40 4. Game Theory of International Politics.” World Politics, 38, no. 1 (October 1985), p. 25-57.

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